(German)  |  to explore, to investigate, to inquire into


My name is Abree and I think curiosity is a beautiful thing.

I’m a 20-something science junkie / writer / rock climber / bookworm / horse chick / snowboarder, originally from central New Jersey (yes, it exists, thank you very much).

As a kid, I wrote extensively for fun, but it fell by the wayside until I rediscovered my passion along the way to getting my BS in Zoology from Delaware Valley University. I started this blog as a creative outlet, and also to push myself to get my writing out of the file folders and notebooks it’s been hiding in for years. (As you might imagine from some of my interests, this space will also function, on occasion, to help reassure my friends and family that I’m still breathing.)

Why the weird blog name, you ask? P1160815The four is a nod to the four cardinal directions, tools of exploration for centuries. The foundation for the name itself is German, the first foreign language I can remember hearing. It was one of the reasons I became curious about the world around me, which led me to explore, travel, and ask lots of questions. That is why I don’t want to confine this blog to any one particular niche or genre or category. I’m just going with whatever strikes my fancy and we’ll see where it leads us. The world is big and I’m out to see it (and write about it) before it gets dark.

Isn’t that, after all, what exploration is all about?

Venture on,

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If you’re interested in working with me, feel free to reach out on social media (tweet @abreemurch) or email me directly at abree.murch(at)gmail(dot)com. Business inquiries only, please.