5 Things I’ve Learned About Living in New England (3 Month Edition)

20160616_163341 (2)

This week marks three months since I uprooted my life in DC and moved to the Granite State. Turns out this summer was the perfect adjustment period; life has gone from downright chaotic to just busy enough to be considered the good kind of crazy (the kind that involves lots of climbing and jump-starting my freelance business). I’ve also had to spend some time unlearning my Mid-Atlantic ways. So far, I’ve realized that there are some key truths to living in New England:

1. Winter is coming.

When it comes to anticipating the cold weather, the Starks have nothing on New Englanders. I think I’ve split and stacked more firewood this summer than in the past twenty-something years of my life.

2. Switchbacks are for sissies.

Because when you’re hiking, the shortest distance between two points is still a straight line – even if it’s on a 45-degree angle. (Bright side: every day is leg day.)

3. Don’t mess with New Hampshire.

That “Live Free or Die” thing? It’s not just a state motto – it’s a way of life. #Murica

4. Moose are the unicorns of the northeast.

I’m determined to find one. Those suckers may be big, but they’re also really friggin’ sneaky.

5. No one likes Connecticut.

Followed closely by Massachusetts. Not really sure what you all did – maybe it has something to do with your driving?

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