An Exciting Announcement


For the past eight months or so, this blog has been my primary base of operations on the Interwebs. It’s been a great platform to learn on and I’m stoked about how far it’s come. However, as you might already know, I recently started to focus on my writing as a career and as such, I needed a way to showcase the work that I’ve been doing outside of the blog. It took quite a few late nights, a battle or two with a moody WiFi, and copious amount of peppermint tea, but I’m excited to finally announce that I have a new website,, dedicated solely to my freelancing business.

Don’t worry, I’m really going anywhere! I’ll still be posting weekly, but I think you’ll find the content tighter and the general focus sharper (the same goes for my social media). I have another side project in the works that I’m also really excited about – look for a post about that in the near future 🙂

In the meantime, this is a learning process and both sites are evolving as I do. I’ll admit, it’s a bit scary hitting the button, going live, and putting  myself out there “for real”. Constructive criticism is always welcome and very much appreciated (because I’m certainly no site-building expert).

As always, thank you for sticking with me along the way!

Venture on,

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