First Impressions: Iceland


July 6th, 2016

*opens plane window shade*

“Is that a volcano?”

“Nah, probably just a glacier.”

“Nope, pilot says it’s a volcano.”

“Sh*t, that’s a really big volcano.”

“Are there trees here?”

“So. Many. Tourists.”

“Still shocked this bag isn’t overweight, I have way too much chocolate.”

“Uh oh. Please don’t take my chocolate, Customs Guy.”

“Oh good, Customs Guy is smiling. He like chocolate.”

“I wish I could speak Icelandic. It sounds complicated.”

“Where is my bus? I hope I don’t get lost in this tiny airport again, it was pathetic enough the first time.”

“Still no trees…”

“It’s actually kind of warm out. Weird.”

“Oh hi, bus!”

“Wow, the airport really is in the middle of nowhere.”

“Is it possible for a place to be bumpy and flat at the same time?”

“Wow, this country is literally one giant volcano…sure hope it doesn’t er- NOT HELPFUL, BRAIN!”

“Oh look, trees!”

“Wait, someone definitely planted those.”

“Imposter ornamental trees.”

“I’m guessing this is what it’s like to drive on the moon. Or Mars.”

“Huh, this sounds like an American radio station.”

“…except the commercials. Definitely Icelandic.”

“So many rocks…can I climb them?”

“Mmmm nope, too small.”

“Maybe those cliff-mountain-things over there?”

“No, wait, that’s probably a volcano.”

“Tiny cars. Many, many tiny cars.”

“Except that Jeep.”

“Holy Jeep, Batman.”

“Oh look, TREES!”

Note: stream of consciousness recorded in real time.

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