Trip Prep: T-Minus 1 Week

Walensee, Switzerland. Photo by D. Mieli.

Seven days. Seven sleeps. Seven rotations of the Earth on its axis. Whatever you want to call it, that’s all that’s left standing between me and the first leg of this summer’s crazy adventure. And “adventure” is going to be the operative word for this trip – ten days of climbing with one of my best girlfriends in Switzerland and three days of general tourist shenanigans in Iceland. Needless to say, stoke levels are ridiculously high on both sides of the Atlantic, but before the landing gear goes up, there were a few things that had to be taken care of:

The (Necessary) Nitty Gritty

Of course, not all trip prep is super exciting – like trying to figure out which electronics are compatible with which countries’ electricity. Or having to unfreeze your credit card because the bank freaked out over the multiple international purchases (as they should, but still…). Or trying to figure out how to not get ripped off by your wireless carrier. But all of that is done now, thankfully, and having the minor headache today will hopefully save me from a major one later. Hopefully.

A Newfangled Picture Machine

I started a casual camera search a few months back when my trusty Kodak Easyshare started to fade. I don’t want to rely on my phone for pictures overseas, and while I’d love to invest in a DSLR, budgets and circumstances conspired so that I wouldn’t have the time to learn how to use it before I leave. I went looking for a reliable, no-fuss point-and-shoot. I wanted something small that would be easy to pack while I’m at the crag, but that was quick to power up and focus. Wi-Fi capabilities were also a must, since I do a lot of posting on social media and will be sharing everything here (duh). I came across the Canon Powershot SX610 HS and decided to take a chance on it. It seems to have the bang for the buck that I’m looking for and I’m curious to see how it performs.

The Land of Fire and Ice

While I’m a huge fan of exploring a country like a local, this will be my first time in Iceland and I only have a few days, so I decided to structure my stay more than I usually would, in hopes it will ultimately translate into less stressing about logistics and more time seeing the country – which, according to what I’ve read and heard so far, is certifiably mind-blowing. On the glowing recommendation of a friend, I booked all my transfers and tours with Gray Line Iceland. On the tick list: exploring Reykjavik, whale watching, the Golden Circle, and the Blue Lagoon…plus whatever else I can get up to (and blog about) in 72 hours.

Seven days, people. Seven freaking days. 🙂

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